Virtus Academy : Online courses

Inclusive Sports Practice for Coaches

This course is for all coaches who want to adopt an inclusive sport practice ensuring that everyone can enjoy your sport, improve their skills and perform to the best of their own abilities.

Virtus Volunteer Induction

Volunteer training module with a series of online lessons that all new volunteers need to undertake within the first few months of volunteering. After completion you will collect a certificate

National Eligibility Officer Course

National Eligibility Officers (NEO) are central to the athlete eligibility process in Virtus. This course is for approved NEO’s only and you will need the password provided by Virtus to access it.

Autism Awareness

This course provides an introduction to our new II3 eligibility category and sport for athletes with autism

Introduction to Safeguarding

This course provides an introduction to Safeguarding and how Virtus keeps people safe in sport

II2 and FAST

This guidance is specifically for NEO's using the FAST assessment and supplements the eligibility guidance notes. It will take you through the evidence which may be needed to support your application, depending on the type of health condition.

Virtus Academy : Online Courses in-collaboration with other federations

VIRTUS Tennis: High-Performance Sport for Athletes With An Intellectual Impairment

14 November 2022. This online course is for anyone interested to learn more about developing tennis players with intellectual impairment to a high-performance level and can be accessed for free. It includes a view of Virtus Sport, the Virtus Tennis Programme, Athlete Identification and Performance, and the Virtus partnership with ITF and National Associations. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. Course certificate can be downloaded through the ITF academy website. Additional ITF Academy courses are also available on the ITF Academy home page for anyone interested in tennis.

Virtus Academy : Webinar Series


26 October 2022. In this webinar the IDEAL 2.0 project is presented in a panel discussion with the 7 researchers involved in this project. Virtus Academy is delighted to be one of the main partners in the EU funded project, with the aim to faciliate inclusive and equitable sport for athletes with intellectual disability and/or autism. The panel members discuss the goals of the project, their own roles, and how the project has the potential to benefit Virtus and all Virtus athletes.

Social Media

14 September 2022. In this webinar, we will talk about the importance of Social media and how you can use it to build your organisation's digital presence, and branding using it. We have also focused on how to leverage on 100% online audience. A step-by-step guide to creating and managing your organization's social media pages will also be shared during this webinar.

Autism Awareness

30 April 2022. This webinar discusses why sport and exercise are crucial for health and wellbeing of people with autism, and how Virtus facilitates this.

Coach The Coach - Motivate The Athlete

28 June 2021. Inspirational stories from coaches of gold medal winners at Paralympic/Virtus Global Games. We are joined by two top level coaches as guest speakers: Dr. Ingi Einarsson (swimming coach – Iceland) and Tony Guihot (basketball coach – Australia) who will share their experience as team coaches of successful athletes with intellectual impairment. They will provide advice on how you can overcome the challenges and barriers on the path to success based on their own experiences spanning many years.

Tokyo 2020 Athlete Stories

04 October 2021. After a successful Tokyo2020 Paralympic Games for II athletes, we hear from four amazing medallists - Breanna Clark (USA) GOLD T20 400m, Peter Palos (HUN) GOLD Table Tennis class 11, Valeriia Shabalina (RUS) S14 Gold and Silver Medallist, Jessica-Jane Applegate (GBR) S14 Gold and Bronze Medallist.

Post COVID-19 World

29 November 2021. Towards An Inclusive, Accessible And Sustainable Post COVID-19 World. The theme is especially relevant to the impacts seen and felt by the Virtus community. It not only highlights the challenges, barriers and opportunities for people who live with disabilities, it speaks about how sport for athletes with intellectual impairment – our core business – has been seriously challenged in the context of the global pandemic.

Promoting Paralympic Athletes In Tokyo

26 July 2021. Promoting Paralympic Athletes in Tokyo was presented by Nithi Suppiah.

Sponsorship for athletes with intellectual impairment

18 April 2023. Securing sponsorship for athletes with intellectual impairment and autism can be difficult, given their impairment being invisible. In this webinar, Monica Valentin-former athlete manager of Tokyo 2020 Gold Medalist and Virtus ambassador, Gabriel Bandeira (BRA) shares her knowledge and experience whilst giving tips on “How to secure sponsorship deals for athletes with intellectual impairments?”


20 May 2023. Virtus Anti-Doping officer, Juliana Soares covered a wide range of topics from introduction to doping, doping rules, procedures for athletes testing and athlete rights in this webinar.

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